• Potato

    Are you a potato processor looking to maximise the return of your production lines? Are you eager to see your business processes run as smoothly as possible? Soltens would like to help you.

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  • Grains

    Soltens ensures that you maximise the return on your grains. We optimise the value of the co-products that remain after processing, such as liquefied wheat starch, wheat feed, and wheat germ concentrate. We also help to smooth out your business processes.

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  • Corn

    Looking for ways to optimise the  value of your corn co-products? Then Soltens is the right place for you. Our main goal is to maximise the return on all your products.

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  • Beets

    Soltens converts the direct co-products from your sugar beets and chicory roots into feed for livestock, green energy, green fertilisers and pet food.

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  • Vegetables/fruit

    Soltens ensures that you get the maximum return on your vegetables and fruit. We optimise the economic value of the direct co-products: peel, rejected products, leaf waste, cuttings, faulty products, products close to their use-by date, and miss-shaped products.

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  • Sweets

    Soltens ensures that the economic value of your co-products – faulty production runs that are not fit for selling in stores for example – are optimised and  safely sold. We sell them as livestock feed and to be used to produce green energy.

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  • Bread

    Are you in the bakery industry seeking to maximise the return on your product line? Not only is this possible from the bread itself, but also from your faulty products, rejected dough, and bread near its use-by date that is no longer fit for the food market.

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Specialist in residual streams

As a producer of food products, your aim is to get the most, sustainable, economic, and optimal use of all your raw materials. Soltens is Europe’s largest procurement company of co-products released in the production and processing of food products. We create added value for your liquid, solid and dry streams.

Smart applications

Your co-products not only earn you money, but they are also responsibly and smartly processed into directly applicable solutions. For example, we make ground coverings from your potato peel, glue from your technical starch, and can generate green energy using your other residual streams. We help you to make your business operations run as smoothly as possible. Soltens offers smart, innovative solutions based on its own research and development.